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San Marino , Friday 24 January 2020

News San Marino Chiesanuova: The big history of the tiny country of San Marino

Published on: Tuesday 10 September 2019
The big history of the tiny country of San Marino
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the neighboring commune of Chiesanuova asked to join it. Four other local villages also applied and were absorbed in 1463 and the country's borders have remained unchanged since that date. Since the ...

News San Marino Chiesanuova: The most competitive top-flight in Europe

Published on: Wednesday 27 February 2008
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"Does this mean Ireland actually has the most competitive top-flight in Europe?" "The answer ... Yes. Football giants San Marino. "There are 15 teams participating in the Campionato Sammarinese di ...

News San Marino Chiesanuova: Season review: San Marino

Published on: Thursday 04 June 2009
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After a very difficult start, Giovanni Podavini's team were transformed in the second half of the season. The team from Chiesanuova Castle played some of the most entertaining football in the country ...

News San Marino Chiesanuova: From North to South, A Winter and Summer of Record Temperature Extremes

Published on: Friday 08 March 2019
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National monthly record. Previous record 20.3°C at Bratislava on Feb. 22, 2016. 20.3°C (68.5°F) Chiesanuova, San Marino. Ties national monthly record. 24.1°C (75.4°F) Gacnik, Slovenia. National ...