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San Marino , Monday 27 January 2020

News San Marino Florentine: A RENAISSANCE FOR ROSSELLI

Published on: Saturday 17 March 2001
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The show includes sections from two Rosselli altarpieces and provides a full-scale reproduction of the San Marino altarpiece opposite three sections of the original: a Madonna and Child and two ...

News San Marino Florentine: Tiny, tasty

Published on: Tuesday 29 April 2008
Tiny, tasty
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For a mini-state with fewer than 30,000 inhabitants, San Marino has made a lot of history. Founded in 301, it is the oldest republic in the world; its 400-year-old written constitution claims another longevity record, and its citizens once elected a government dominated by their communist party. With the opening in March of the Tre Monti Ristorante behind the San Marino Club on Big Beaver just west of John R, Detroiters will have an opportunity to sample its venerable culture and cuisine.

News San Marino Florentine: Art review: Huntington's 'Face to Face' reflects deeply on Renaissance

Published on: Tuesday 01 October 2013
Art review: Huntington's 'Face to Face' reflects deeply on Renaissance
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Much of what she once owned eventually ended up in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, and some was sold after her death; but a small group remains in San Marino. Three of those ... painting had ...

News San Marino Florentine: Bronze beauties at the MIA

Published on: Saturday 09 April 2011
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He declined to say what the museum paid to bring the show to Minneapolis after its debut last year in London and San Marino, Calif ... Over Goliath" inspired another original design by the Florentine ...

News San Marino Florentine: 21 mildly interesting facts about the Italian language

Published on: Thursday 02 February 2017
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Twelve Roman dialect words you should know Nine handy Venetian words for a trip to Venice Thirteen useful words from the Florentine dialect 3 ... Vatican City, San Marino, and the Sovereign Military ...

News San Marino Florentine: Restaurant Reviews

Published on: Sunday 31 December 2000
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Gian Marino's restaurant at 221 East 58th Street (under no circumstances to be confused with the San Marino at 236 East 53d ... Neapolitan lobster Fra Diavolo Florentine filet mignon, and the like. ...

News San Marino Florentine: San Marino

Published on: Thursday 31 March 2016
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San Marino is, for all practical purposes ... In the Middle Ages Faenza was the crossroads between Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany, and the 15th century saw many Florentine artists working in... Affluent ...